Rest of Salvation
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Observing the Sabbath day, we enter into the rest of salvation in Jesus. The author of Hebrews mourns the fact that in the past, God's followers didn't enter into the rest of salvation that comes by faith in Jesus Christ because of their unbelief. Then the author compares the rest of salvation in Jesus to the rest of the Sabbath and mentions there remains a Sabbath rest. The seventh-day Sabbath represents the rest from working on our own power. It demonstrates believing in the all-sufficient sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We do not keep the Sabbath to be saved, but rather we keep it in joyful recognition that God has saved us.

The Sabbath connects me in worship to my Creator; it gives me trust in my Provider, and it reminds me that He delivers me and makes me holy. I rest in it as He did on this earth and in re-creation. And in it I find the God beyond my wildest dreams.

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